Monday, June 17, 2013


Welcome To My World...Where your Pain is My Pleasure

I am a Lifestyle FemDomme (whom you will address as Mistress at all Times) who Delights in your Physical and Mental Discomfort. I am a Ballbusting Sadist who will Use and Abuse you for My own Pleasure and My special form of Sadism runs from Sensual to Downright Nasty--So Be Prepared.

This is not purely fantasy. We will be pushing the boundaries with Real-Time Sadistic Pain Play, so have your toys and gear ready or access to common household items/tools.

My Specialties Include: 

Hardcore Humiliation * Cock Whipping * Face Slapping * Interrogation and Forced Confession * Corporal Punishment * Dildo Training * Cock and Ball Torture * Electrostimulation* Forced Intox * Human Ashtray Training * Hot Wax Play * Forced Chastity * Forced Bi Training * Forced Fem * Brainwashing * Public Humiliation * Pure Pain and Chaos * Financial Domination and Destruction * Skype Viewing for My Enjoyment & So Much More

I will Use and Abuse you, bringing you to your Knees in Agony
where you will Serve Me cowering as you Submit.

My Voice will be your only Beacon through the Waves of Pain I force you to inflict under My Skillful Direction as I Possess your very Mind and Soul.

I am Highly Intelligent, Articulate and Very Skilled at Power Play and Conditioning.

My slaves and subs are not losers. They are successful men, typically alphas in their day-to-day world, who crave the firm hand of a dominant and powerful woman.

I rebuild My slaves, training them through the art of pain and chaos to submit to Me, willingly, in all that they do. I am the Center of their Universe and Submission is only Natural.

Please do not plan for a session lasting less than 15 minutes.

Domination is an Art Form and Will not Be Rushed.
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